The 17 Principles To Live Well & Be Well

We wrote this book as a reminder to ourselves of the most important principles to live by for a fulfilling and purposeful life.

17 Principles To Live Well & Be Well, book

Do you know you're not living life to the fullest?

Or maybe you feel you are living well, but you know there is great room for improvement in this truly magical experience called life.

Most of us are stuck in some part out life, including us. We all tend to get in our own way and mix up the essential and non-essential along the way.

While there is no singular way to live well, there are universal principles, passed down from varying cultures and traditions that we all can apply.

This book takes from those traditions and philosophies to living well and distills it down into 17 key principles. These are the foundations to a life well lived.

From the importance of forgiveness and testing your assumptions to the ultimate recognition that each of us is living on borrowed time, each principles is rooted in one of the three core pillars for living well: Health, mindset, and actions.

At the end of it all, living well is about the deep-down feeling that you are in fact living well, living with purpose and doing what you were born to do. Living well is based on your own perception of yourself, one that forms and changes based on your mindset, your actions and your health.

Living by these 17 principles will enable you to cut out the noise, prioritize, maintain perspective on what matters, and ultimately, live well.

Praise for The 17 Principles

"This is a wonderfully simple yet effective guide for living with more depth and connection. Valuable for all ages, as lessons for young and reminders for the wise. I recommend this book to both patients and colleagues as a practice in presence, growth and inner peace."
Dr. Andrew Engel
Dr. Andrew Engel
MD, Psychiatry
"17 Principles is a great read and fabulous guide for increasing your happiness and living a life of Purpose. The advice is simple and straightforward, yet highly pragmatic and implementable. This book is well worth a read whether you're 16 or 62."
Mike O'Connor
Life and Career Coach

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